Head of FF&E

A free spirit, at the age of 17 Randa Chahine left formal education to dedicate her life to her passion; interior design and decoration. Her zeal and constant pursuit of excellence lead her to work with some of Lebanon’s best architects until eventually, her path crossed with that of Galal Mahmoud. Working together they have built Galal Mahmoud Architects into one of the foremost architectural practices in the country.


Head of Design

Graduating in 1997 from the Lebanese University with a BSC Honors in Architecture, Anwar El Hajj has been passionate about architecture since he was a child and has a sound working knowledge of all aspects of the industry, developed at summer workshops and internships.

Beginning his professional life in the Ivory Coast, he later returned to Lebanon and joined GM Architects in 2004. His dedication and vision, as well as the extensive experience he brought with him from Africa earned him full partnership in 2004.


Head of Abu Dhabi

While a student, his teachers saw intuition in his approach to architecture. Elie Waked graduated with honors in 2000 from the Lebanese Academy Of Fine Arts, ALBA University, with a Masters degree in Architecture.

After working with GM Architects for 3 years, he decided to broaden his work experience by traveling in 2005 to the UAE.

In 2006, Galal Mahmoud considered a strategic move for GM Architects aiming towards an expansion of its offices outside Lebanon, through the UAE. He assigned Elie with this task, whose dedication, vision and expertise in managing the UAE branch earned him full partnership in 2008.